Supervised Access Supports  / Drive Supervision Services

Supervised Access Supports / Drive Supervision Services

Family Connections Inc. provides court-ordered Supervised Access for families requiring these services. With these types of complex family situations there are many questions please see our FAQ to see if your question or concern is already listed.

The philosophy of the Supportive Access Supports Program is to offer a strength-based approach and supports that fosters a healthy attachment between parents and children by providing a safe, supported, and culturally appropriate environment for families to have access to each other.

Maintains a non-judgmental and supportive attitude. The coordinator supports and assists with the coordination of Supervised Access Supports, parenting skills and facilitates parent/child interactions when required. Also, the coordinator is present at all times to observe and document interactions between parent and child. The supervisor will also relate to all cultural, ethnic and socio-economic groups and lifestyles. As part of their role, the coordinator encourages appropriate conduct by visiting parents when possible, and redirects inappropriate behavior by the parents. The visit supervisor will intervene or terminate the visits if it is in the best interest of the children.

Experienced workers provide monitoring and documentation of the visit. Detailed contact notes will be provided after the completion of the visit. Melissa, the case manager, can accommodate specific arrangements.

Family Connections Inc. offers drive/supervision services to the Child and Family Services Authorities in the North Central and North East Regions. Intakes are taken 24 hours a day with the Referral and Evaluation. Qualified Drivers/Supervisor provides complete documentation of the service with all visit documentation being dispensed to the Case Manager with the invoice.

Applicant INTAKE FORM.
Custodial Parent INTAKE FORM.

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Contact Details

Case Manager: Melissa
phone: (587) 372 3557