Program Intent:

Reunification – Family Enhancement Permanency Planning

Family Connections Inc. recognizes the inherent right of every individual to maintain familial bonds so that maximum human development can be achieved with the least amount of disruption.

We also recognize that there are stress reactions within family units that place young people in danger. To alleviate that danger, we believe that a period of residential care with well-trained, supportive staff can assist the young person to return to homeostasis so that he/she can return to their familial home. If that is not possible, this short-term period of residential care can prepare the young person for their future care and responsibilities therein.

Group Care Residential Services

Family Connections runs 4 – 4-bed Group Homes in the Edmonton community. The homes are for clients between the ages of 0-18 who have status under the Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act. Intakes are accepted 24 hours a day. Program goals include:

• stabilize child/youth so that they can build healthy lifestyles with dignity and self-esteem

• ensure child/youth will be protected from harm while in care in a safe environment

• provide shelter, food, hygiene, and daily living supports

• access to basic health care services (medical, dental, optical, psychological, and spiritual)

• encourage to build positive relationships with family and community

• child/youth receive assistance/guidance to identify needs, organize and plan goals

• provide emotional support and nurturance

• provide community recreation and cultural activities

• child/youth be involved in a day program so that higher learning can be sought

• child/youth and families will have a greater knowledge of and be able to access formal and informal community resources